Reducer (Five)

I wake up inside a dark chamber with my head held in place by the rough edges of a vice. Electronic nodes rest against my skin and I can feel their throbbing charge on my temples whilst my hands, legs, and feet are bound so tightly to the bed that movement is impossible. Then a … Continue reading Reducer (Five)


Reducer (Four)

I sit on the glass promenade and look out at slopes bathed in sun whilst behind me, pine trees skirt a lush and manicured lawn. The ReSalve Clinic, meanwhile, constitutes a neat collection of domes and porticoes fashioned into the surrounding rock. I have a glass of champagne in one hand and a beautiful view … Continue reading Reducer (Four)

Back Online

Fancy a rare and debilitating neurological illness that slowly wipes out your life? No, can’t say I did either. Imagine my surprise, then, when around April or May 2013 a debilitating neurological illness thing happened to me! The thing itself was called a CSF leak and it happened because I was born with a connective … Continue reading Back Online