Life Begins

2020 is only ten weeks old, but most of us would say it’s already been one hell of a year. And I use that word literally. From missile attacks in the Middle East through to locust swarms in East Africa, to flooding in the UK and the worldwide spread of the virus Covid-19, it seems … Continue reading Life Begins

Future Shock (2019)

So, that last post was a bit prophetic. Looking back, it’s as though I could feel a change coming, like my Spidey-Sense was twitching or something. As to what kind, well, I didn’t know for sure. But I felt certain Autumn was goodbye, which is why I posted what I did. Fast forward on to … Continue reading Future Shock (2019)

Rats in the Capital

This is an excerpt from the opening of my new novel, Rats in the Capital. August, Elstree. Two miles outside North London. Sean figured had ten miles left, but only if he took it easy on the accelerator. As it was, the Fiat’s engine died the moment he turned off the M1. 'No,' he shouted as the car hit the on-ramp, ‘not now you piece of shit!’ But the engine was silent and the accelerator felt lifeless as the three-door freewheeled passed the wind farm and carried on towards the roundabout. For a second, he thought he might have enough momentum, but his heart sank when he saw the queue for the petrol station up ahead. It was several cars deep, so he braked twenty yards from the fuel pumps. So close and yet so far, he thought to himself bleakly.